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We are students of the 4th grade at the Hotel Academy in Brezno. The school was founded in 1929 and belongs to one of the oldest hotel schools in Slovakia.
  Our school adopted five-year curriculum in which the students from the age of 14 to 19 have been trained as catering and hotel personnel.
  The practice is an inseparable part of the study and our students during the whole year work in various catering and accommodation establishments in Slovakia. The most excellent and successful ones do their practical training in top restaurant and hotel facilities in Germany, Switzerland, Italy and Greece.

Alexandra Dupáková

My name is Alexandra, I´m a teacher at the Hotel Academy, Brezno and I´ve been working there for almost 20 years. 
I love my job  because it brings me satisfaction and shines my life. I like spending time with young people, teaching them new things and learning every day something new too. 
It´s my first eTwinning project and I have to admit that it´s really interesting and useful. You meet new people, gain new knowledge, information and what is not a least, explore the new technologies.


Alžbeta Štepanovská

Fotka Alžbety Štepanovskej.
My name is Alžbeta. I am eighteen years old.

I have a lot of hobbies, but the most favourite are skiing in winter, reading books, roller skating and travelling. My favourite subjects are Practice and English language. During Practice we serve guests, we work at a reception desk or work in a school kitchen and help with cooking meals.
I choose this school, because I like working with people, I want to learn languages and our school has a good reputation in Slovakia and abroad too.
In few years when i finish this school, I want to go to university and travel the world.

Daniila Štulrajter

My name is Daniela, Im 18 years old. Actually Im from Ukraine, but now I live and study in Slovakia. It’s my 5-th year in Slovakia. I like travelling, reading books, doing sports especially skiing and swimming, I like to meet new people and also I like animals. I choose this school because, I like to deal with people, I like cooking, I like serving meals and just working as a waitress. This school gives us/me a chance to work abroad and I think it’s amazing. After graduating, I’d like to start with travelling and exploring the world, to work somewhere abroad in a gastronomy area.

Daniela Šuleková

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My name is Daniela, I am 18 years old and I come from Hriňová. I consider  myself as a hardworking and responsible person. My friends know me as a smiling and friendly girl. Now it is important for me to finish high school and then I will try to get to university.
I like travelling, meet new people and I like to obtain new contacts and experiences. My hobbies are snowboarding, ice skating, swimming and I love the most riding a horse. When I was a child I played on guitar too.

Erik Vlkolenský

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my name is Erik, I´m 19 years old. I’ve choosen this school because of the opportunity of traveling around the world and of a great opportunity to learn new foreign languages. 
My favourite subjects are Management and Economics. I enjoy working with people and mostly with finances. I live in a Dormitory next to my school, because I live really far away from Brezno. 
Also I really like English, it’s my 2nd mother language. I also consider myself ambitious and strong-minded. 
After graduating, I’m not really sure at this stage what I want to do. I just want to travel the world and meet new people, maybe make some cooperative projects with them that can change the world. And enjoy life. :)

Veronika Švantnerová

My name is Veronika, I´m 18 years old. I live on my own without my parents because I want and I like to be independent.
I like doing sports for example running, skiing, playing ball games. I´m very good at volleyball. I love animals so I have a dog called Benny. He is really amazing and clever dog. I like  meeting new people.  I choose this school because it was my dream to work in gastronomy and there I´ve learned really lots of things especially during practical training. After graduating I´d like to work as a waitress because I really like it.

Terézia Šarinová

My name is Terézia. I ´m 18 years old. Four years ago I chose that school because I want to run my own hotel or restaurant and this school lives all my expectations.
Also in the future I want to travel all over the world, so I need to speak foreign languages and there we can do so. I want to visit some interesting countries in Europe and in America.
In my free time (when I have it) I like listening to music, dancing and shopping with my friends.  

Miroslava Mensátorová

My names  is Miroslava. I am 19 years old. My hobbies are doing sports, dancing, working with people. I play volleyball, basketball, handball and I like roller skating and ice skating. My favourite subject is practical training. This school is interesting. Here I have learned how to work with people, serve guests, how to speak in foreign languages, that is why I chose this school. My ambitions are to graduate school and find a love of my life. I want to  have a family , a small house , a big garden, two dogs and one cat and my whole family will be happy and healthy. 

Laura Siposová


I am Laura and I am 19 years old. I live in Pohorelá. I study in Brezno. This school is very good at languages. I found a lot of friends here and gain a lot of experience and skills here every day. In my free time I go for a walk with my dog. I love riding a horse.
It´s my favorite animal. I care about garden with my mom, and a lot of time I spend with my family. I really like driving a car. When I have more free time I go shopping or swimming. And relax in the nature. My favourite meal is Segedin Goulasch with douplings. In my future I want to work in a hotel or restaurant, and have children and a good husband.

Martina Turňová

My name is Martina. I´m 19 years old and I live in Čierny Balog, the village not far from my school town. Four years ago I chose that school because I wanted to learn how to cook.
In the future I would like to ride endurocross because motorcycle is my great hobby and passion. I would like to have a well-paid job.
My free time I like spending with family also I like dancing and shopping with my friends.

Kristian Šandor

My name is Kristian, Kiko for short. I'm 20 years old. I live in a small village called Polomka. I've lived here for 20 years now. I live in a small house with my parents. I have one dog. My activvities are for example, sport: volleyball, football, florball.

Few days ago, I've arrived from Germany. Where I did my practical training in Sonthofen as a waiter in Restaurant Posiedon. It was my first time away from home and I think it was a great experience. I met new people, new culture, learn new things, e.g. new delicious meals, drinks, improve my language skills. One day I would like to come back here again.

Tomáš Smida

my name is Tomáš. I´m 18 years old. I live in Brezno. I play hockey for Brezno Knights. Sport is my life. I represented school in all sports. I chose this school because it is very famous and prestigious  in Slovakia also due to the application after graduation. In my near future I want to study at the military University or Sports University.

Juraj Martiník 
My name is Juraj and I study at the Hotel Academy in Brezno.
I was born in 1998 in Brezno. I knew already at that time that I would love sport. The first time when I experienced professional sport was at primary school. All the time while I studied at the primary school I played football in the club FO ŽP Šport Podbrezová. I left this club when I finished primary school. Then I tried athletics. Athletics is an individual sport and gave me some good qualities and taught me to believe in myself. But I´am a man who want to try everything. I gave up doing athletics because I started playing floorball. My team plays in the second highest league in Slovakia. I started my football career again and today I play football in Brezno. I don´t like just these three sports. I like hiking, basketball, voleyball, hockey, dancing or fresbee too. My friends says I am a very funny boy. I am a really optimistic person and realist. I believe in something between happiness and fate. It´s a simple theory. When something happens, it will happen and of it´s bad or good I will cope with it. I study English for five or six years. In my future I want to study at the Sports University or work abroad and explore the world.  

Terézia Štulrajterová

My name is Terézia. I´m19 years old. I come from Čierny Balog. Four years ago I choose this school because I wanted to learn how to cook professionally. I have two siblings. I love sports. I prefer cycling. My other hobbies are swimming, skiing, dancing, shopping. I like spending my free time with family and friends.

Petra Sujová
 my name is Petra. I am 19 years old. My hobbies are walking in nature with my boyfriend, friends and my dog, roller skating and skiing in winter. I choose this schol, because I like cooperating with people, working with them, creating and learning new things. My friends, who graduated this schol, recommended it to also me. At school I mainly like forticipenting at my practical training. When I finish this school I want to go to study abroad, maybe economy or Hotel Managment.

Michaela Štullerová

my name is Michaela Štullerová
I am 20 years old.
My favorite subject is English language.
In my free time I usually sing and draw, dance.
My ambitions are to study at a university and to find a good job
and I want to have family and a lovely husband.
This school gives me a lot of possibilities for my life and for my future.
I’ve been learning there how to communicate with people,
to manage with problems, to organise everything.

Sabína Kováčiková
my name is Sabína. I am 18 years old.
In my free time I like swimming and walking in the nature with my boyfriend. My favourite subject is Physical Education, because we play there volleyball and basketball. I like my school, because I like cooking and I like cooperating with people and studying there gives us this opportunity. After finishing this school I want to continue with my study at a university.

Rastislav Srnka
my name is Rastislav a.k.a. Rastaman and I´m 18 years old. I study at the Hotel Academy in Brezno and I also live in this town. I live with my mother because my parents are divorced.
In my free time, I like giong out with friends, listening music or going to the cinema. In the future I would like to study at the Economy the university. Recently I´ve started to read books although I didn´t read a lot before. I like traveling, visiting new places and meeting new people.

Marek Mikloško
 my name is Marek. I am 19 year old. I live in Jasenie. I study at the Hotel Academy in Brezno.
My hobbies are football, skiing, jogging, cycling, hiking. My favourite subjects are Physical Eduation and Practice, When I have free time I visit my friends and drive my car. Our school gives us a lot of experience. My ambitions are  to finish school, find an appropriate job which will be good paid and explore the world.

Michaela Spodniaková
My name is Michaela. I am eighteen years old. I am already in the fourth year.
My favourite subject is economy.I choose this school, because I want to improve languages and I like cooking. I learn English and Russian languages. I learn English from elementary school. In the future I want to have my own hotel. When I have free time I like swimming, cycling, traveling and hiking. My biggest dream is to visit Dubai or Tunis.

Lucka Pančíková

my name is Lucia. I am 19 years old. I live in Banská Bystrica.
My favourite subjects are maths, slovak language and accounting. I like riding a horse, but now I don´t have enough time to do it. I love horses. I like reading books such as novels or thrillers. In my free time I help my father because he has a lot of work. At the weekend I usually work in restaurant as a waitress because I want to earn Money. After school I want to travel world. I want to visit Spain or Rio de Janeiro. But first of all I must finish school with good marks.

Nikola Holíková

my name is Nikola. I am 19 years old. I study at this school, because I like cooking for family and I like mixed drinks. I want to learn languages, especially English , because in the future I want to work abroad. My dream is to open a little coffee bar up to myself one day. I like playing football, swimming, dancing, and traveling and I want to visit America.

Jozef Capko

my name is Jozef. I am 18 years old. I live in Heľpa. My favourite sports are: Football, Hockey, Tenis. My hobbies are: Cycling, Running, Swiming. My favourite subjects are: Math, Economy. My ambitions are: to finish school and then study at university,  to earn much money. Then I will open a Hotel that provides people with an excelent service. I've choosen the Hotel Academy because: I like cooking and I want to be the best Cook. 

Miška Balagová

        My name is Michaela Balagová. I am eighteen years old. I live in Revúca. I study at the Hotel Academy in Brezno. At Hotel Academy I came because I like working with people. My favorite subject is Physical Education and Practice. I like volleyball, swimming, cycling and skiing. My dream is to travel the world and meet new people, but first I have to finish my studies. I have one sister, she is my love.

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