School trips

Exploring our motherland trough the school year.

Our first trip was to Šomoška. The castle Šomoška is located next to the Hungarian border Bukovinka Šiatorksá and it's an old ruined castle from the 14th century. It was demolished after 1703. The castle is situated on the hill so you have to walk there. On the way to the castle you can enjoy beautiful nature with ponds and small lakes, breath fresh air and see a stone waterfall. From the castle we can admire the beautiful view of the surrounding area.

Brezno is a small but beautiful town which is located in Banská Bystrica region. There are various monuments, theatre, museum, bell tower and other historical sights. We have a rich cultural life. Through Brezno flows one of the longest rivers in Slovakia called Hron. The town offers a variety of opportunities for hiking, sightseeing and entertainment. Here you can find an oxygen runway about 1.5 km long forest path, also know as a health sidewalk.
Tale is one of many places where we go on practice. It is a nice place full of tourist options. Durin the winter season here is a ski resort that is very popular. In summer you can play golf here and meet a lot of famous people not only from Slovakia. There are held a variety of festivals, celebrations and other events.
Ski resort Chopok is the next destination where we spent our winter holidays. The time spent there was one of the best. We had a lot of fun. Every day we went skiing and in the evening we play different games and organised different performances. One of the days we spent at the highest point of Chopok, the view was breath-taking.

Annually Ondrej's Fair is held in Brezno in November, this year it was already 528 times. We usually attend it together, this year already 4 times and each time we have experienced a great atmosphere. There are sold different sorts of traditional handcrafted products. On the town square you can buy and drink an excellent Christmas' punch which is sold annually for charitable purposes.
In June we had a swimming course in Santovka. It is a small village with several swimming pools. We were there for one week. The whole week we swam. Some of us who already knew how to swim had it a little easier. We had a lot of fun there. As we were there before the summer break, we got a pretty nice suntan before the summer season. In the evening we played volleyball, football, badminton. One day we roasted some bacon and home-made sausages. We came back home happy and with a lot of experience.


  1. It seems that you are learning about your country but also having a good time exploring the country and all the possibilities for leisure it offers. Great pictures too!

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