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Aragonite Cave is a world rarity. It was included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is extremely valuable. Its value is created aragonite decoration, known in particular formation heart Hradek, which is the only of its kind in Central Europe. White aragonite fringes of the crack in the ceiling glow in the light of the lamps like the stars in the Milky Way. 

Gader Valley. Valley has the appearance of a canyon with massive cliffs, rock towers and with a number of other rock formations. At the bottom of the valley is a distinctive rock formations - Rock window. There can be found limestone massif Tlstá. There is also one of the largest caves in the Great Fatra - Mažarná. Rock cave overhang reminds ajar muzzle huge animal. Mažarná cave is an important archaeological site, found the oldest evidence of settlement here Turca coming from the third millennium BC. l.

Herľany is the only cold artesian spring in Slovakia. Is one of the world's natural rarities, along with the adjacent park with rare trees and historic spa building is a state-protected national monument. Eruptions are repeated in 36-38 hours apart, their yield is 25 to 30 liters per second and water jets from 20 to 30 minutes to a height of 20 meters. It is estimated that geyser for 130 years of its activities eruptoval more than 40,000 times and in the bowels of the earth to the surface vystreklo about 20 million cubic meters of mineralized water

 Slovak opal mines. Slovak opals to the world markets highly regarded for its unique properties. Excel so. opalescence, so perfect play of colors. Empress Josephine wore the most famous opal Fire Trojan from the opal mines. Scientists have ranked them on the 700,000 Dutch guilders.

Štrbské Pleso is an important center of tourism and winter sports, the highest tourist spa village, located in the High Tatras. The ball is a name derived from the foothill village Štrba. It's moraine lake created by the receding glacier. It is accessible to the general public. The lake is one of the most beautiful in Slovakia.

Slovak Paradise is a mountain range in eastern Slovakia in the Spiš region. It is considered one of the most beautiful natural areas in Slovakia. The area of the mountain range of Slovak Paradise protects the Slovak Paradise National Park, which is one of nine national parks in Slovakia. It is characterized by rugged terrain - gorges, streams with waterfalls and karst formations

Strečno. It located on the left bank of the Vah Strečno below the castle. Strečno was in 1848 part of Strečno castle estate. There are many interesting sights. For example. Castle Strečno, French Memorial guerrillas Church. Sophia, Memorial 1 MS. Army Corps.

Little Fatra is the High, Low Tatras and Orava Beskids is the fourth highest mountain. Important part of mountain in Krivan part of Mala Fatra National Park occupies Fatra. In Mala Fatra there are several caves. All are closed to the public. The longest is the fountains, which is 620 m long and is partially flooded. The areas of calcareous rocks originated waterfalls. The biggest and most beautiful waterfall is Šútovský. In Mala Fatra there are several natural attractions. Of all be mentioned, for example, new crystal cave in the Little Rozsutec, Moses springs Domašínsky meander, Lipnerová crisp and Janosik holes

Bobrov dam in the Kitchen
It's a place just outside of Bratislava, where you'll find a special room, the beauty of a little wild and a little subjugation of nature. It's a great place for a pleasant walk. This is a fabulous educational-trail that leads around the dam. Length of the trail should be about 1800 meters

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