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Čierný Balog

Čierny Balog
Is a municipality in Brezno district, in the Banska Bystrica region of central Slovakia. The municipality has around 5140 inhabitants and in land register it  takes an area of 14 718 ha.

Čierny Balog is really picturesque village with amazing nature, it´s surrounded by beautiful mountains in heart of Slovakia. There are a lot of forests, huge fields and beautiful hills. You can feel here like in fairy tale not only in summer but also in winter.
The village has rich cultural life. Residents like to take part in various cultural events in this village. The most popular  is The National Day of the Tree, so called Tree Day, organized annually in July. Every year, thousands of visitors from different corners of Slovakia come there to enjoy performances of many popular modern and folk groups, to see and try some folk crafts. Children can make a trip in a nearby forest and learn many useful things connected with nature.You can buy souvenirs there, meet new people, taste traditional meals like roasted home-made sausages, grilled pork meat and ”halušky” with sheep cheese, drink slovak wine, “slivovica”( plum brandy) and beer. All these things create great and really amazing atmosphere.denstromu_2009_01.jpg  
Also we have some sport events like football and hockey matches, competition of volunteer fire brigades, different village parties, folklore events  connected  with some national holidays (e.g. Christmas, Easter). Also in our village we have some sport clubs like football clubs TJ Tatran, ŠK Partizán, Hockey club, Biathlon Club, and tourist division that gives young people the chance to practice sports.
Really, in our village we have a lot of interesting places you should  visit.
There are some types for you :
Our famous Čierný Hron railway.
This old scenic forest railway is one of  the major tourist attractions of the Horehronie Region. In the past, the regular wood transport on the railway started between Čierny Balog and Hronec. The main role of that railway was to transport wood from forests. When the railway was closed  it has started to work as a famous tourist attraction especially in summer period. You can take an unforgettable tour around some Slovakian villages in beautiful nature and for those who like an adventure you can experience the real robbery performance which is quite exciting. So keep your eyes open :)
Výsledok vyhľadávania obrázkov pre dopyt cierny balog prepadnutie zeleznicky

The open air museum “Vydrovo”

Ski resort

Of course we have accommodations for tourists and foreigners.
Here are some nice establishments in our village:
Boarding House:
Cottage Slovenka:

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