Monday, 20 March 2017


by Lucia and Terka 

Hronsek is a village in Slovakia in Banská Bystrica region. It is only 14 km far from Banská Bystrica. The first written mention of the village was dated in the year 1500. Although Hronsek is not very big,  its extremely rich in historical monuments. In its cadastre, there are four artistic and historical monuments, a memorial house and six old lime trees included in the list of protected natural species.
Across Hronsek goes a cycling route from Banska Bystrica to Zvolen , so called Family Path so  if you want to relax during the route it is a good place.

The most important monument is the Evangelical wooden church, listed on the UNESCO the 1726th. Wooden bell tower which is next to the church, built on a stone base also had to be built according to the penal code as a church. If you decide visit the church you can do ti from 9:00a.m. to 17:00 pm.

 The oldest building in the village is the Gothic-Renaissance mansion from 1576, called "Water Castle". The original Water Castle was built as a fortification against the Turkish invaders. Formed by a defensive wall with four towers with a drawbridge through the moat  Water castle currently belongs to the unique historical monument. Currently the owners began with its reconstruction in pursute of giving the castle its original state.

The last monument is Soos-Géczy baroque castle, dated 1775. It is built in baroque style with bastions. The front facade has rococo details. The castle is located in the garden, which is rare, because of its more than 200 years old lime tree.


view of the baroque castle now                                               view of the baroque castle before, 1940

You can relax in the beautiful area of the castle where is located a playground. You can refresh yourself at the inn Hronsek, you can find it in the center of the village - beautiful setting and very tasty food.
The village has its own two folk groups playing and singing folk music and songs. These groups have played many successful concerts and performances.

Every year many events are organized there, such as carnival for children, Hronsek ball, fire brigade competition, exhibitions and „Festive day of village“, where villagers organize many competitions and performances.

Near the village there are many tourist attractions such as Golf Resort “three oaks” in Sliač, Holidaypark Kováčová, Ski Resort Malachov, Aqualand beach swimming pool in Banská Bystrica, etc.



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