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Šumiac is a picturesque village which is located in the Low Tatras. It offers many cultural activities and traditions.


One of the most important monuments is the folk house and surrounding area. It consists of a total 3 buildings, which are also cultural monuments, named: folk house, woodshed and economic construction. In the past, there were held various events, today these buildings serve as historical monuments.

Museum of bells in Šumiac
Private collection of Nicholas Gigac. Nicholas began collecting bells, thanks to his grandfather who gave him six bells on his birthday and it was love for the first sight so  at present there are about 2000. People from Šumiac are very proud of this collection. There you can find bells from all over the world.

Episcopal church
The first pastor was Andrew Bukovecký. Šumiac temple was built in 1775, as the original wooden church burned build a new, brick. What is interesting, the temple had three onion-shaped towers, which disappeared from Horehronie architecture as the time has passed.

The theater is located on the square and it is open to anyone.

Events in Šumiac are really colorful. First, the murmur of Šumiac This is a festival which brings different forms of art, we are less familiar with but also those that everyone knows.
Fašiangy in Šumiac. Fašianfy is the feast that offers a lot of fun and joy. In Slovakia, this custom celebrated less than formerly, but still there are villages where people love and remind that custom.
Christmas - Kračun under Kralova hola. This year is the 15th year of wonderful festival celebration which takes place in the church in Šumiac. Every year after Christmas, people gather in church and you can enjoy many representatives of folk music.

Folk Traditions
Folk traditions in Sumiac are very diverse but such traditions are devoted relatively longer just the elderly. Ms Maria Ševčáková embroidered handmade Christmas decorations that will delight everyone's heart. Is dedicated to this beautiful craft since-scientific times.

People are devoted to making utilitarian items such as carpet weaving - rugs, commercial embroidery. This activity is dedicated about 30 people. Horehronie are characteristic for craft-oriented wood products, functional as well as artistic.

Šumiac personalities

Juraj Kriváň
Was a Slovak sportsman and a teacher. He was the organizer of parachute sport recorder jump on target in free fall and in a group jump and jump world champion in the 600 m to the accuracy landing. Throughout his life he worked as a teacher but also as a parachuting instructor.

Michal Petro:

Was an anti-fascist fighters officer and a participant of the Slovak National Uprising. He studied medical school but unfortunately he did not finish it  and became an anti-fascist fighters. He was awarded the Cross of Valour war. He was later arrested by German police and he was taken to Germany, where he died.

František Kreutz:

Writer for children and youth also acclaimed novelist.He studied at a teacher later it happened. During his lifetime, he wrote that rumors published in children's magazines. He was the author of numerous books for young people and adults. He dedicated himself also Vlastivědný and literary research and museums.

By Miška Balagová, Mirka Mensatorová

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