Monday, 20 March 2017


                                                                 by Diana and Kristina

Telgárt was risen at the first half at the 14. Century. The first written mention about the village Telgárt was found in 1326.

The famous citizens of Telgárt:
-          Anastázia Miertušová – a Slovak painter
-          Ivan Andrijovič Stavrovský – a greekcatholic priest, teacher
-          Michal Spišiak – a writer
-          Pavol Spišiak – a greekcatholic priest, poet
-          Ján Ambróz – a folk singer

There are folk groups, which are focused at traditional culture:
-          Folk group Telgárt ( created in 1957 )
-          Kids folk group Telgártčok ( created in 1981 )
-          Folk band Harvanovci

Every year you can visit there the following events:
  -    Horehronská valaška – the competition where you can see kid´s musical folklore. This year it will be   it´s 55th year.
-  Blueberry day  - celebrated in August - it´s a competition in baking of blueberry pie accompanied with traditional folk performances

The beauty of close nature is unique, because there are for example three national parks:
-          Nízkotatranský National Park
-          Muránska planina
-          Slovenský raj
Telgárt offers touristic the path to Kráľova hoľa.

Kráľova hoľa:   is known from many legends. The biggest rivers of Slovakia starts here : Čierny Váh, Hnilec, Hornád and Hron . Since 1960 there is television and radio transmitter called "Kráľova hoľa "

Not far from here is a village called Šumiac. One of the most known citizien is Mikuláš Gigac who started, as the first from Slovakia, playing on bells. There are more than 2000 pieces of them in his private collection. Some of them are oldest then 300 years.  

Ski Resort Telgárt -  if there is enough snow you can use 7 trailers including 20m long caild trailer.   There are 2 types of slopes: 1. Stodolisko-(beginners and slightly advanced
2. Tresník-(middle advanced and advanced)
-          Catolic  church near memorable graveyard of soldiers and partisans
-          Monument of Ján Šverma, who was the hero of Slovak National Uprising (he tragiclly died in battle)
-          Chmarošský viadukt – it is a railway made of bricks with in 30 years of 20th century. Its lenght is 113,6m and height is 18m.

Accommodation and food:
-          Horehronská kúria – offersa  place for famillies with children and tourists
                                  -capacity is 22 people
           I recomend it because it smells like weed, there is nice serving stuff and home atmosphere.

-          Penzion u Hanky – is 500m from Ski resort Telgárt.

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